Grass EC3 Conductive Adhesive Gel

Grass EC3 Conductive Adhesive Gel, Box of 12 Tubes of 50 Gr.



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Translucent adhesive gel with a light, minty scent

Advantages of using Grass EC3 Conductive Adhesive Gel vs. Collodion are:

  • No solvent odor or fumes
  • Eliminates the need for an air compressor: required with Collodion
  • Non-toxic vs. Collodion which is both toxic and flammable
  • Water-soluble which allows for the quick, easy removal of electrodes with warm water
  • Less likely than Collodion to stain clothing
  • Bacteriostatic
EC3 is tacky when applied and may be used for routine EEG without a cover. For long-term monitoring, cover with a small rectangular adhesive patch, wrap or medical tape to protect from movement.

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